Most Identified Malware Among 100 Million Worldwide Users; INF/Autorun.gen and Win32/Adware.Yonto.A, Says ESET

eset-1024x431ESET, global provider of security solutions for businesses and consumers, published the August 2013 threat report for India. ESET worldwide survey conducted across 100 million computer users, with the most identified malware; INF/Autorun.gen and Win32/Adware.Yonto.A. The survey was conducted through ThreatSense.Net® during the month of August 2013.

According to the report, Win32/Ramnit.F has shrunk and Win32/Ramnit.F has increased as compared to July 2013 threat report. The new malware Win32/Adware.Yontoo.A has started to lead its way to stand second.

INF/Autorun.gen – a generic detection for an “autorun.inf” file created by malware and it can spread through spam, email attachments, malicious websites, unsafe downloads and many other ways.

Win32/Adware.Yonto.A . is an adware – an application designed for delivery of unsolicited advertisements and the file is run-time compressed using NSIS. The adware is usually bundled within installation packages of various legitimate software.

Win32/Ramnit.A, which is a family of multi component malware that spreads to removable drives, steals sensitive information such as saved banking and FTP credentials and browser cookies. The malware may also open a backdoor to await instructions from a remote attacker