Most feature rich graphic designing platforms in India 2021

Most feature rich graphic designing platforms in India 2021

Most feature rich graphic designing platforms in India 2021

The graphic design trends keep evolving with the advancements in technology and the tryst by businesses to stand out of the clutter. The developments in the recent past, pandemic, in particular, have brought about a paradigm shift in the way businesses engage and communicate with customers. The need to back statements and claims with statistics and facts has compelled brands to look for design solutions that would put across their idea in the most prominent and impressive manner possible. As a matter of fact, it is now a necessity for brands and businesses to focus on attractive and informative designs to establish an outreach with their target consumers. We understand that it is a tricky proposition to zero in on the right platform for the purpose, hence, we have compiled a list of a few such options that can help brands create stunning designs.

Appy Pie Design

Offered by the leading cloud-based no-code platform, Appy Pie is a one-stop solution for all designing needs for professionals, small & medium businesses as well as enterprises. One can create a bouquet of collaterals such as brochures, book covers, business cards, posters, marketing emailers, etc by choosing from among 5000 templates designed by professionals. The templates are further categorized into more than 30 categories to suffice specific requirements of businesses and brands. Inbuilt features like Graphic Editor and Photo Editor and the availability of thousands of icons and photographs make the graphic designing task a seamless and fun process.


One of the most popular names in the segment, Canva offers tools to create presentations, posters, collages, social media graphics, or any other visual content that any business would need. Even its free version offers more than 2.5 lakh templates and hundreds of thousands of copyright-free photos and graphics. Besides, the users also get at least 5GB worth of storage. It comes with an inbuilt Magic Resize feature that resizes the created designs in accordance with the specifications of different platforms. Brands also get the option to create their own kit so that there is consistency while setting colors, fonts, or logos. The other features include background remover, animator, and up to 100GB storage in paid versions.

Adobe Comp

Hailing from the house of Adobe, Adobe Comp gives brands the leeway to convert their ideas into real assets such as photographs, texts, and shapes. The wireframe can automatically be sent to different editing tools like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc for further refinement. One can create custom prebuilt sizes for mobile, print, or web while there are grids and guides to align and synchronize the design. Since it’s powered with Adobe CreativeSync, it entails that files, design assets, and fonts appear in the workflow to streamline the process.


The US-based platform is equipped with a plethora of easy designing tools that can be used in a hassle-free manner even by those who are non designers. The platform is touted to be most comprehensive as it comes with a slew of animated designs, stock images, HD video clips, and images. No matter what the purpose is – creating emailers, documents, or web design – all can be done in a jiffy without any complicated steps. It boats of being the easiest design service catering to at least 7 million users. The features include background remover, animation effects, adding music to design, and cropping of images.

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