Mophie Case Gives More Battery & Storage For iPhones

mophie_space_pack_iphone_5_5s_battery_case_16GB_32_gb_black_whiteHaving owned multiple iPhones as well as a Galaxy S3, I am well aware that iPhones are seriously lacking in the upgradeable storage and extra battery department. When I used my Galaxy, I could easily upgrade the onboard storage space with a micro SD card (and I did just that), and if I needed some extra juice to get through the day, it wasn’t hard at all to snap off the back cover and insert a fresh battery. With iPhones, users can’t do either one. With nearly impossible to reach batteries and no option for micro SD cards, it would seem as if iOS users were out of luck.

Thankfully, though, it turns out they’re not as out of luck as it would appear. The Mophie Space Pack stands at the ready to give iPhone users what they’ve been lacking for some time. It promises to give your iPhone an extra full charge of battery power and quite a bit of extra space for you to fill with whatever you want.

What More Could You Want?

As you can see, this Mophie case looks pretty good on the iPhone 5/5s. Apart from getting a full battery, you can also have a case that will provide you with either 16 GB or 32 GB of extra space. The smaller is $149, while the bigger one runs $179. If you think like I do, you’re probably wondering how a case can give you extra storage.

Here’s how it works: using a USB cord, you can drag and drop all kinds of files (music, pictures, etc.) into the Mophie. It will organize everything for you. Then, all you have to do is download the Mophie Space app, snap on the case, and push a button on the back to access your stored items. It’s important to note that it won’t let you store iTunes items as of this writing, and any music you store will play through Mophie’s app rather than the iOS Music app. It turns out you also need a headphone jack extender if you want to listen using headphones, but that’s a minor gripe for something able to give you so much.

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