‘Monster Math’ becomes the number one paid app in India within a day of release


Makkajai, a start-up based in Bangalore co-founded by a passionate team of ISB and NIT alumnus today announced that ‘Monster Math’, a fun, addictive arithmetic game for kids which combines an engaging storyline, addictive mechanics, hilarious animations and fixated game play, blends art-work and music to hook kids up and make solving arithmetic a fun exercise.

Monster Math, a game-based learning app adjusts difficulty based on kids’ proficiency where parents can see a progress report and help kids by monitoring their performance. The app has multiple levels which nudge struggling kids towards answers so that over time, they immerse themselves in game dynamics suited to their pace of learning. 

With the success of Monster Math, Makkajai aims to be a strong contender in the game- based-learning segment in the country by launching a game with adaptive scheme pegging the child’s capability with game difficulty. It brings an element of non-intrusive testing, without putting the pressure on kids, but securing the onus of real-time data for parents and teachers.

Monster Math was launched in India and Canada on October 15th and rose to become number one in the educational apps section. It is today ranked within the top free educational apps in India and slated to be launched in the United States onNovember 15th 2014.

Makkajai in the future wants to improve adaptive logic by adding diagnostic tests, better skill-dependency graphs, introduce remediation techniques and enhance better reporting. The start-up in the future would embed content to aid better gaming experience

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