January 25, 2021

Mobiliya Disrupts Custom ROM Market With Enhanced Security And Manageability Of Mobiliya Kartos

Mobiliya today announced the launch of the Mobiliya KratOS, a secure, enhanced and custom read-only memory (ROM) based on Android for Mobiliya-Logodifferentiated devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart glasses and ruggedized devices. Built on top of Google’s open source Android and enhanced with advanced device management capabilities, virtual private network (VPN), application security, data encryption and a vast collection of customized consumer-centric applications, Mobiliya KratOS provides regular updates for both consumer and enterprise features along with enhanced, bloat-free performance to secure and manage devices. With personalization, a regionalization framework and software development kit (SDK)for third party app integration, Mobiliya KratOS is easily adapted to vertical-specific Android devices such as point-of-sale systems, automobiles, set-top boxes and smart TVs.

Mobiliya KratOS enables OEMs and ODMs to develop new, innovative Android-powered devices targeted at both sophisticated consumers and enterprise users. Mobiliya has partnered with Wham! Mobile to release the first set of devices enabled by the custom ROM in India to introduce novel features to the Indian market – including personal safety, family controls, anti-theft and a host of regional customization features. These devices have the ability to bank securely over unsecure networks and come bundled with consumer-centric, customized apps and a theming engine that allows for the personalization of features to suit the taste and working environment of end users.

“We were looking for software differentiation in the Indian market, which became extremely chaoticover the past couple of years,” says Subhash Chandra, managing director of Wham! Mobiles. “We wanted to create a unified-user experience across Wham! Branded devices and decided to go for a custom ROM. We evaluated the leading custom ROMs and realized that while some ODMs were dependent on theming engines, other ROMs like CyanogenMod were made by hackers – creating a clear gap in the market. Mobiliya KratOS fit everything we needed with consumer-and security-focused features like Child Mode, Anti-Theft, Parental Control, Women Safety, Map Me, etc.” Mobiliya KratOS helps device manufacturers target multiple geographies and create unique devices for any targeted market. It also comes with a bouquet of cloud-based services like mobile device management, equipped with more than 300 policies that can be applied on end-user devices. Features like secure workspace, remote locking and wiping, remote app installation and uninstallation, camera and Bluetooth blocks are some of the most popular enhancements from Mobiliya KratOS.

“In today’s competitive global environment, device differentiation is becoming increasingly imperative,” says Krish Kupathil, CEO of Mobiliya. “Mobiliya KratOS aims at creating a comprehensive ecosystem to enable OEMs and ODMs to tap into the emerging connected device market – while introducing novel features to the broader consumer segment. Mobiliya KratOS powers customized and localized devices, whileempowering OEMs and ODMs to tout software differentiation in an increasingly crowded market—giving thema clear market advantage and fast time to market.”