Minister Ahamed Devarkovil launches next-generation medical technology, EPLIMO, in Kasaragod district

Minister Ahamed Devarkovil launches next-generation medical technology, EPLIMO, in Kasaragod district

Minister Ahamed Devarkovil launches next-generation medical technology, EPLIMO, in Kasaragod district

Kerala’s Minister for Ports, Ahamed Devarkovil, has recently inaugurated the latest technology in modern medical practice – Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications (EPLIMO) to the laidback district of Kasargod in Kerala’s northernmost tip. KIMS Sunrise Hospital, one of the leading modern hospitals in Kasargod, has become the first institution to deploy this cutting-edge medical technology developed by Bengaluru and Kochi-based health-tech startup, Vieroots Wellness Solutions.

Vieroots Wellness Solutions was founded by young entrepreneurs  Sajeev Nair, Adityanarayan, and VP Sajeev.  Sajeev Nair is a renowned wellness evangelist, bestselling author, biohacker, corporate consultant, inventor of Thought Process Reengineering (TPR), serial entrepreneur, and life and motivational coach to millions of people who want to take charge of their health and productivity.

Founded by world-renowned surgeon and medical entrepreneur, Dr. Hafeez Rahman Padiyath, KIMS Sunrise Hospital is part of the Sunrise Group of Hospitals with hospitals in India and the Middle East.

During the launch of EPLIMO at KIMS Sunrise Hospital, Kasargod, Vieroots was represented by Vieroots Senior Business Consultant and Lifestyle Advisor Bose Mani and Sayeesh Nair who presented the first EPLIMO pack to Minister Ahamed Devarkovil.

While the prevailing medical practice, denoted in professional circles as Health 4.0 is characterized by advanced diagnostics like full-body CT and MRI scans and invasive treatments like surgeries, stenting, radiation, chemotherapy, organ transplants etc, the next generation technology is denoted as Health 5.0 which focuses on the prevention of lifestyle diseases even before they are triggered. For this, solutions like EPLIMO use advanced geno-metabolic assessment via an easily administered saliva test.

This test detects genetic and metabolic predispositions to develop any among 200 lifestyle diseases including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular diseases like heart attack & stroke, cancers, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, asthma, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, hypothyroidism, other autoimmune diseases etc, so that personalized lifestyle modifications specific to preventing such diseases can be prescribed.

These personalized lifestyle modifications span diets, nutrition, detoxification, supplements, ayurvedic herbs, exercise regimens like aerobics & resistance training, yoga asanas, breathing practices, meditation, and de-stressing techniques, that are proven by modern medical research to be beneficial in preventing specific lifestyle diseases. Those who have already developed any of these diseases are also benefited as the same personalized lifestyle modifications greatly aid the management of these lifestyle diseases, and even reversal in the case of diseases like diabetes or hypertension.

For those with detected risks or even for those without any such risks, EPLIMO is highly beneficial as it is also a powerful tool for enabling peak performance in individuals in a thoroughly personalized way, as it customizes nutrition, exercises & meditation techniques according to personal geno-metabolic traits. Adherence to such lifestyle modifications are transformative in nature as it boosts physical and mental peak performance and energy as well as lifespan and healthspan.

While launching EPLIMO at KIMS Sunrise Hospital, Minister Ahamed Devarkovil was all praise for the innovative system, and it was clear that he had taken the pains to learn the basics of this breakthrough innovation. As a Minister hailing from Kozhikode, in the northern part of Kerala, he was also proud that this technology has also reached Kasargod, one of the traditionally laidback districts of the region.

EPLIMO has been adopted by a string of hospitals in Kerala and also out of the state. The Minister also shared that he himself had opted for EPLIMO by giving his saliva test and that he was waiting for the detailed analysis and prescribed lifestyle modifications for him!

EPLIMO is deployed as a smartphone app for iOS and Android devices and uses advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help arrive at the precise and personalized lifestyle modifications for each individual as per his or her geno-metabolic test results. It is the only such solution in India so far, and one among the handful of such solutions in the world. Due to its uniqueness, Vieroots, the startup behind it, had even attracted equity investment from Bollywood actor and noted angel investor, Suniel Shetty.

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