Mindtree_LogoMindtree, a global information technology solutions company, today announced that its BlueLitE Bluetooth® intellectual property (IP) enabled wireless communication LSI – ML7105 chip from LAPIS Semiconductor, is under mass production. Mindtree provided the silicon and software IP for Bluetooth® Smart. Additionally, Mindtree collaborated with LAPIS during the entire development cycle making key feature enhancements to help LAPIS deliver ML7105 – industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Smart solution.

The ML7105 series from LAPIS Semiconductor is designed for a new range of devices to enable the Internet of Things – Smart watches, health & fitness wearables such as heart rate monitors, pedometers and sleep trackers. Such Integrated Circuits (IC) designed for diverse devices have stringent needs on code and data size, MIPS and power. Mindtree BlueLitE IP met these rigorous needs and delivered a fully optimized solution. The net result is a 50% reduction in average power consumption and a 2X increase in battery life for typical coin cell batteries like CR2032.

Jayanth Krishna, Director and Head – Short-range Wireless, Mindtree, said “Our investments and expertise in Bluetooth technology over a decade is helping us consistently deliver breakout solutions for our clients. LAPIS Semiconductor has been Mindtree’s longstanding and valued client during this journey. We are very excited that LAPIS has launched ML7105 to accelerate their expansion into new markets and devices. The ML7105 has already been adopted by a global Japanese player in their smart watches which is a testimony for the maturity of Mindtree’s solutions.”

Makoto Terada, LAPIS Semiconductor said “Mindtree has offered LAPIS a complete implementation of its Bluetooth IP, seamlessly integrating with our product platform. As a true partner, Mindtree brought deep expertise and innovation in the core IP layers to help meet our vision, backed by excellent support and testing capabilities. Mindtree will remain a key partner to ensuring success of our current and future Bluetooth Smart products on our roadmap.”

The latest Bluetooth® Smart standard (Bluetooth® 4.1) is designed to enable more connected devices and will open new markets and products and also enable Bluetooth Smart sensors to use IPv6. Mindtree has completed implementation and interoperability testing of the newly minted Bluetooth Smart version 4.1, and recently announced availability of its silicon and software IP portfolio for commercial licensing.

Mindtree offers a comprehensive portfolio of Bluetooth intellectual property solutions and a range of design, engineering, testing and consulting services for semiconductor vendors and OEMs to rapidly go to market. The IP portfolio includes certified, customizable, ultra-low power and footprint silicon IP for Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 and 4.1, and ultra-compact, complete certified portfolio of protocol stack & profiles IP for Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 and 4.1. Mindtree also offers a feature-rich and compact Bluetooth® Smart Ready 4.0 and Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR/3.0+EDR protocol stack and profiles.

For more information – see http://www.mindtree.com/solutions/bluetooth

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