Microsoft’s Mixer partners with Facebook Gaming shuts its services

Microsoft acquired Mixer back in 2016, Mixer, in an online streaming platform used by gamers. The Mixer was previously known as Beam; it competed against Amazon’s Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming. Microsoft, on 22nd July, announced that they would be closing the streaming platform permanently. Microsoft has partnered up with Facebook Gaming to transfer all its partners and gamers to their platform. Microsoft did not mention the reason for closing down the Mixer, but it is widely considered because of the less audience and less traffic on their platform. They were lagging in the race to compete with other gaming platforms. Microsoft announced that all the previous Mixer Partners would continue to work with Facebook Gaming. Their status will remain the same in Facebook Gaming with the capabilities to monetize their page. If a user had ending services, then Microsoft will gift them Xbox gift cards to compensate for their loss, which is much more than what they lost. Microsoft had partnered with Ninja to stream his games on their platform and was restricted to stream only on Mixer and no other platforms. All such streamers as of 22nd July are free to contact other gaming platforms and steam on any services. They’re no longer bound to Mixer. Microsoft was planning to introduce features like the one-click option to play the video game you’re streaming with xCloud in Mixer. Still, now there are chances that Microsoft will continue working on this, and we will soon be able to see these features in Facebook Gaming. Their rivals Amazon twitch is streaming all English Premier League’s games for free on their platform. Premier League returned last week after a break of 3 months because of the pandemic. Amazon’s twitch is one of the most used Gaming platforms by streams. The gaming industry has blossomed over the years, and now, with the introduction of PS 5 and Xbox series X, the industry will yet again prosper with new and advanced technologies and features.