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Microsoft’s Kaizala vs. Slack – Which One Should You Choose For Enterprise Productivity?

With the increase in demand for work-from-home roles and flexible work hours, it becomes difficult for organizations to track and communicate with the employees. More so for the mobile workforce. That’s when the productivity apps like Kaizala, Slack, and Skype for Business, come into the picture.

There is no shortage of productivity and communication apps for enterprises, but the question is- are they safe? Apps like Telegram, Slack, and WhatsApp have failed the users time and again. With privacy breaches and data leaks more prevalent than ever, it’s mandatory to have a tool with watertight security protocols.

While Slack offers options for seamless internal communication, Kaizala provides a complete communication and productivity solution via its platform. Users can engage in 1:1 chat as well as group chats. Slack has failed to adhere to security compliance in the past due to lack of an end to end encryption model. The encryption security promised is owned by Slack, essentially meaning the company has direct access to all conversations, data, and information. The associated security risks pose severe threats to an organization’s crucial data and compromise the enterprise’s security.

Kaizala is a secure, effective, and cohesive alternative. It not only meets the communication requirements fulfilled by the run of the mill chat apps but also digitizes the business processes over Office365 integration. It is fundamentally an entire organization on a mobile app, improving collaboration effectively. Organizations can track employees, create quiz and polls to collect data, connect with vendors, send and receive analytical reports, and more. It’s even more lucrative because of the security features, particularly the enterprise level security and encryption. Losing control over security is apparent the moment employees switch to casual chat apps to trade information. The organization has zero control over the security protocols, and that’s where the data breach and cybercrime snag creeps in. Kaizala is built on a secure and trustworthy Office365 compliance framework to protect enterprise data.

Here’s a look at how Kaizala secures all the data:

Kaizala pursues the world-class Office365 and Microsoft Azure security system to shield the information from mining.

The usual way of doing things incorporates the ‘Assume Breach’ technique for tying down the stage and accepts that malware has occurred and after that, work on each probability to kill it as a general rule.

Kaizala’s approach is Prevent-Detect-Respond-Recover any information mining. This methodology gives the framework a chance to check for anything unusual and kill it.

Kaizala has adopted FIPS 140-2 compliance to verify cryptographic keys and encrypt user data.

Microsoft pursues the HTTPS protocol alongside enabling TLS 1.2 to proceed in verifying and securing the data.

• Azure Active Directory and OTP administrations are utilized to check the clients and identify who sign in on the platform.

Kaizala verifies client information in the most secure way conceivable. There are a lot more highlights that put Kaizala over Slack in terms of productivity. While Slack confines the clients to just communication, document sharing, and making calls, Kaizala gives you the freedom to manage your entire work.

What gives Kaizala a head start compared to existing productivity/chat apps:

• Kaizala Management Portal – Communicate with your clients, representatives, and sellers, all in one place. You can incorporate your internal apps with Kaizala and use the Management Portal to improve your productivity. It also helps you in extracting reports for the actions and surveys conducted.

• Groups – Kaizala provides access to public, private, and organizational groups without no upper limit. Create corporate groups, a group within a group to work on a specific product, or join public groups for networking and learning.

• Kaizala Actions – Manage your association’s advancement and your representatives’ productivity directly on Kaizala Actions. You can monitor employee performance, share live location, send and receive assignments, create announcements, send out surveys/polls, and receive real-time insights.

This commendable feature, combined with the enterprise level security of Kaizala, edges it over other productivity apps. Microsoft is changing the way organizations are managed- cohesively and productively, and Kaizala is playing a pivotal role in achieving that.