Microsoft’s Bing Search now has 100 million daily active users after it incorporated AI into Search

Microsoft Bing, a popular search engine, has recently hit the milestone of 100 million daily active users, thanks to its collaboration with OpenAI and the implementation of generative AI technology. Microsoft announced its “new Bing” on February 7, which has the ability to chat with users using the power of ChatGPT. In a recent blog post, the company confirmed that the chat feature has helped push the search engine over the 100 million daily active users mark.

While this is an impressive achievement, Microsoft admits that it’s still far behind Google, which remains the dominant search engine with billions of daily searches. However, Microsoft notes that approximately one-third of the users of the “new Bing” preview are new to using Bing entirely, showing that the implementation of AI technology is attracting new users.

According to Microsoft, around 45 million chats have been performed since the preview began last month. The chat feature allows users to have a more conversational and personalized search experience, which could be appealing to those who are looking for more than just basic search results.

However, the implementation of generative AI technology is not without its challenges. Bloomberg reported that Microsoft spent “several hundred million dollars” to create the hardware needed for Azure cloud services to power OpenAI’s training models and experiences. Additionally, the use of AI has raised concerns about job displacement, privacy, and ethical issues surrounding the use of such technology.

Despite these challenges, the implementation of generative AI technology has proven to be popular among users, as seen with the success of Microsoft Bing’s “new Bing” preview. As technology continues to advance, it will be interesting to see how generative AI continues to shape our daily lives and the ways in which we interact with technology.

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