October 20, 2020

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update: Key features and updates

Microsoft has started rolling out its Windows 10 Creators Update to all eligible users across the globe. The OS update brings a lot of new enhancements, aimed at providing users better control over system settings and better 3D content creation. It also brings improvements to other important Windows 10 features such as Windows Ink, Windows Hello and Microsoft Edge browser.
Here are some of the key features included in the Windows 10 Creators Update that may improve the way you use your Windows 10 PC.
Paint 3D – The Creators Update introduces a new version of MS Paint. Dubbed Paint 3D, the app, as its name suggests, has been developed keeping in mind the creation of 3D content. It includes features that make it easier to convert 2D illustrations to 3D ones.
Night Light – Windows 10 Creators Update introduces Night Light, a feature that reduces the amount of Blue light emitted from the computer’s display, making it less strenuous on the eyes in low-light conditions.
Beam – Beam allows Windows 10 and Xbox One users stream gameplay and interact with each other with low latency. No extra hardware or software is needed for this feature to work.
Improvements to Microsoft Edge – Creators Update also improves the company’s Edge browser. Users can now easily manage several browser tabs for easily accessing information. It’s also possible to access e-books in the Windows Store and read them directly in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft claims that Edge is the only browser that can stream Netflix content in 4K UHD resolution.
Windows Photos with Inking support – Windows 10 Creators Update brings inking support to the OS’ native Photos app. This basically means that you can now easily pick an image and put comments or any other annotations on it. The edited images can be then easily shared on multiple social media networks.
Mini View – Mini View allows users to run apps in a small window over other apps and programs that are running on the rest of the display. Clearly, the feature is aimed at improving user productivity.
Screen Time Limits – With Screen Time Limits, parents can control the amount of time their kids can play games on a Windows 10 PC. The feature allows daily time allowances to be set for each child. After the stipulated time, the configured Child account is automatically signed out from Windows 10 and Xbox One services.
Improved Windows Hello – Windows 10 Creators Update brings improvements to Windows Hello biometric authentication feature. With this, users can use any paired iPhone, Android or Windows 10 Mobile smartphone to lock their PC. The feature also works with fitness bands.
Improved controls for updates and privacy – Windows 10 Creators Update brings granular controls for OS updates and user privacy. Users can pause updates for up to a week and the OS itself will prompt them to configure important settings such as speech recognition, location and more, in order to keep important information from getting leaked.
If you already have a registered copy of a Windows 10 base version installed on a PC, laptop or a tablet, you should be able to download and install the Creators Update for free.