Microsoft to Readdress IE Users to Edge for Non-Compatible Websites

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Microsoft will transmit users to Microsoft Edge from Internet Explorer when they try to access websites that are mismatched with Internet Explorer. Starting with Microsoft Edge Stable version 87 which is going to release in November, users will be displayed a 1-time dialog box that depicts why they’re getting forwarded, after which their data will be then sent to Edge. The company is also testing the latest feature to augment the start-up time of the Edge browser. Called start-up boost, the feature will present a bunch of Microsoft Edge processes in the background, so that it is accessible faster once it is launched.

Users being forwarded to Microsoft Edge from Internet Explorer which is a part of the company’s plan to terminate IE 11. Between 1,000 websites that users will be transmitted from are popular ones like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, and Hotstar.

After users permit to open websites on Microsoft Edge after being transmitted, their browsing data like favorites, passwords, search engines, open tabs, history, settings, cookies, and the home page will be conveyed from IE to Microsoft Edge, in addition to their preferences.


Image from IE


When a site is readdressed from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge, the IE tab that was working on to load the site will not appear, if it has no preceding content. If it has active tabs, it will lead to a Microsoft support page that describes why the website was forwarded to Edge. The company noted that users can go back to using IE for websites that are well-suited.

Discretely, the start-up boost, the latest feature which is being tested by the company, will start Microsoft Edge to initiate faster when it is presented from the taskbar, desktop, and hyperlinks embedded in other apps. It will be a voluntary setting in the 88th version of Microsoft Edge.

The Microsoft Teams Web application will not support Internet Explore by November end. Whereas, the rest of the Microsoft 365 applications and services is not going to support the browser starting from 17th August 2021.