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Microsoft signs 10-year agreement to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

Phil Spencer, the Head of Microsoft Gaming and Xbox, took to Twitter to announce an agreement aimed at addressing concerns raised by regulators regarding Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The agreement is a response to fears that the acquisition would lead to exclusivity or reduced availability of popular games on rival platforms, particularly PlayStation.
Microsoft’s Vice Chair and President, Brad Smith, expressed a commitment to resolving these concerns and ensuring that Call of Duty remains available on multiple platforms. The agreement, reported to be a 10-year deal, demonstrates Microsoft’s dedication to maintaining competition and consumer choice.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had raised concerns that Microsoft’s increased market dominance could hinder competition and limit access to games like Call of Duty for players on rival consoles and gaming subscriptions. Microsoft had already committed to licensing the game to other industry players, including a 10-year contract agreement with Nintendo, contingent on the completion of the merger.
With this agreement, Microsoft aims to address regulatory concerns, support competition, and ensure that Call of Duty remains accessible to a wide range of players across different platforms.
The agreement between Microsoft and PlayStation regarding the availability of Call of Duty titles is great news for gamers. It ensures that players can enjoy the highly anticipated games on their preferred platforms, whether it’s Xbox or PlayStation consoles. This agreement demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to maintaining competition and providing players with access to popular titles across different platforms.
Microsoft is actively working to address concerns raised by regulators in the US and Europe regarding its acquisition of Activision. By reaching agreements with rival platforms like PlayStation, Microsoft aims to alleviate concerns about exclusivity and limited availability of games. This is a positive development for gamers who can now look forward to playing Call of Duty without any platform restrictions.

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