January 26, 2021

Microsoft Says Skype 5.6 for iPhone Is Optimised for All Screen Sizes

skype 56 iphone blog officialAfter releasing its Qik video messaging app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, Microsoft on Wednesday introduced the upgraded Skype app for iPhone models.

The Skype version 5.6 for iPhone will now show more number of messages under the conversation view and more number of recent chats on the screen. It also comes with optimised and scaled UI for the recently launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The company blog post also mentioned that Skype 5.6 for iPhone “is our second release that continues to build on the new iOS 8 extensions.” The updated app supports models starting from iPhone 4 up to iPhone 6 Plus.

Notably, the previous version of the app made use of iOS 8’s interactive notification system and enabled users to answer/decline voice or video calls or access text conversations directly from the lock screen and notification centre.

Options to choose whether to answer the calls via video or voice, or to return the call, or reply in text for missed calls, were also included. Users could access the above options by swiping towards the left from the lock screen or the drop down notifications panel.

Also, Skype brought back support for voice messaging and profiles in version 5.2 for iPhone. These features had been removed by the company when it had launched Skype 5.0 ‘Remastered for iPhone’, in June.

However, Skype on Tuesday moved ahead of voice calls and messages by introducing the Qik app, which allows users to create and send videos up to 42 seconds long. The new service is aimed at helping Microsoft catch up to rivals in the fast-growing mobile messaging space.