Microsoft Partners With Xiaomi To Test Windows 10 OS

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 is all set for the xiaomi_1712_356summer launch and the software huge has Tip up with Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi to help test the OS on its flagship smartphones.

Microsoft anced that through a new Windows Insider program with Xiaomi, it is testing Windows 10 with ‘power users’ of Xiaomi’s flagship Mi nnou4 Android smartphone. It is to be noted that the partnership is only an assistance in running the trial.

The power users will have the opportunity to download the Windows 10 Technical Preview – installing it and providing their feedback to Microsoft. The idea is to turn Android phone into a Windows 10 device.

A report on TechCrunch noted that testing o

ut the feature in China makes sense as there is a greater spirit of customization, particularly for Android users since third-party app stores are the norm as Google Play is severely restricted there.

Plan is to make Microsoft 10 avilable in 190 countries and the new software include support biometric authentication for unlocking devices and accessing apps, report said.