January 25, 2021

Microsoft Opens Office 2016 Preview To The Public

All that’s standing between you and Microsoft’s Consumer Technical OfficePreview for Office 2016 is an NDA. After launching an early, limited preview of the touch-optimized Office 2016 suite, Microsoft is opening up its program to allow anyone who agrees to a non-disclosure agreement the ability to download the software and test it before it goes on sale.

“Anyone can access the bits under the terms of the NDA,” Microsoft said in a response to an inquiry from ZDNet. “And what people are currently accessing is very early NDA preview.”

The productivity suite, a staple of many businesses for creating Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, is slated to release in the latter half of this year. On smaller devices, like phones and sub-8-inch tablets, Office 2016 will be available for free.


It may take a while for Microsoft to announce all the new Office 2016 features. Right now, the two notable new features for Office 2016 include a new Tell Me tool to help users get acquainted with Office and an automatic image-rotation feature.

Tell Me is already available on Office Online and Office for iPad, and it’s headed for Office 2016 for Windows. With Tell Me, users can ask the help assistant how to perform a task in Office.