December 4, 2020

Microsoft Launches Its First Ever Laptop Surface Book

The Microsoft has launched its first ever laptop Surface Microsoft_Surface_BookBook, with a 13.5-inch screen and weighs 3.34 pounds. Having a detachable keyboard, it clearly seems to be in competition with Apple’s MacBook Air. The Surface Book can be used as a tablet or as more traditional laptop.

The company has packed the laptop with performance-focused components. A sixth-generation Intel processor, high-end graphics processors and up to 1 TB of storage, are some of its key features. The company boasts Surface Book is twice as powerful as a MacBook Pro.

To showcase its strength and performance, the company’s representative played a little bit of Microsoft’s upcoming “Gears of War” game while simultaneously using video editing software on his game play without any hiccups.

Under the leadership of chief executive Satya Nadella, the Microsoft showed that its competitive spark is alive with the announcement that it’s making its first-ever laptop.

Microsoft now is shoring up software and services, backing away from the hardware side and it seems to be directly Nadella’s strategy of expanding Microsoft’s reach.

Surface Book is the most expensive item available for pre-order on Microsoft’s site at present. It is is $2,700 (approx Rs. 1,75,500). However, to add a little more value for purchasers money, the company is also including its Surface Pen in the box with the Book. It is something that other Windows laptop makers and even those who make convertible laptops don’t provide.

Microsoft claims that Surface Book will give 12 hours of battery life when it’s in laptop mode, matching what Apple claims for the MacBook Air.