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Microsoft introduces new features in Teams to connect users with friends and family – now available in mobile preview.

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Microsoft announced new functionalities for Teams so that it can be used as a centralized platform by the families and friends to stay connected and well-organized. Users can connect, collaborate, and jointly organize themselves across different work groups, friends, and family.

Rami El Bayadi, Regional Director, Microsoft Office Asia said that they are using multiple online and offline applications and tools. People are loving what Team does for them because it’s a centralized platform which lets one chat,meet call and manage other work as well. With the help of these features, they hope to extend Team to everyone’s personal life whether it’s managing family life or staying connected with loved ones.


Microsoft Teams has extended functionalities and features now which will help share grocery list, organize across family calendar, securely store other important information like Wi-Fi passwords and account information. It will also help one see the live location and live update of close people.

  • Stay connected with text chat and video calling: Using Microsoft Teams one can do personal chats, video and voice calls, with extended features like sharing GIFs, exchanging photos, videos, documents, and even locations. Groups can also be created to chat, call and stay connected with family and friends.
  • Keep everyone on the same page and pick up where they left off: Users can share lists, documents, and calendars all within the group dashboard. It will also allow users to check the chats, tasks, pictures, videos, and group calendars shared in a given the dashboard making it more convenient for them to catch from where they left.
  • Collaborate and share important documents efficiently and securely: Microsoft Teams is integrated with other Microsoft 365 apps. Thus users can easily share documents from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from within the Teams app directly. The documents are all stored on OneDrive and users can easily access these documents from other devices.
  • Easily share location and information: Location sharing is the new features which has been added to share location and live updates among close friends and family.

Microsoft Teams will let users store and share sensitive information such as passwords, rewards numbers, or login information in a secured way. It has two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.