February 26, 2021

Microsoft India launches new accessories for Windows 8 Devices

Microsoft has launched a range of snazzy state-of-the-art accessories – the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse, the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard, and the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse – that best complement the fast and fluid Windows 8 experience. There are mice that fold with a snap and a keyboard that has declared its freedom from wires. Microsoft has also announced updated Windows 8 drivers for its products – Touch Mouse, Explorer Touch Mouse and Wireless Mobile Mouse.


All of them can be paired with a PC, tablet, or laptop. Pricing for these “must-buy” accessories ranges from the maximum retail price of Rs.1,205 to Rs.4,935 and the entire portfolio is available in retail outlets across the country.

Shyam Sundar, Director – Retail Sales & Marketing, Microsoft Corporation (India), said, “Microsoft has a strong legacy of producing innovative and design-friendly hardware products. This latest release of our range of keyboards and mice is not only the biggest release of hardware accessories for India, it also builds on a wave of continuing product releases, which has seen new versions of nearly all our products. Specifically, these accessories make the best of Windows 8 touch-enabled features and at the same time give you a smooth and fluid experience on non-touch devices. This is by far the most exciting range of hardware accessories that explores the full potential of Windows 8.”