Microsoft in the talks to take over Discord, more than $10 Billion.


Discord recently got valued at $7 billion, they are now talking to potential buyers, and also to one of the biggest, with Microsoft. No deal has been finalized with anyone yet. In other way of thinking Discord might also go public.

VentureBeat did reported earlier today about Discord exploring sales that could be about $10 billion.

The company has more than 140 million users monthly, and did made around $130 million in revenue. According to certain reports by The Wall Street Journal, the company is not at a profitable stage, but did seed a $100 million as a investment in a funding round with a $7 billion valuation.

The software that Discord provides to everyone is free to an extent, and they make money through their nitro subscriptions, which is charged around $9.99, providing a better resolution and other certain tweaks.