Microsoft Developing A New Windows Phone 9 OS From Scratch?

4E9g25505PM7162013Microsoft is reportedly assembling a new team to build an entirely new Windows Phone OS from scratch, instead of just updating Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft previewed Windows 8.1 at Build 2013 conference late last month, though the company did not mention Windows Phone 8.1. The recent rumours about the next version of Windows Phone OS have started doing rounds now, which is being tentatively called as Windows Phone 9.

As per UnwiredView, Microsoft is reportedly formulating a new team to construct an entirely new Windows Phone OS from scratch, rather than updating Windows Phone 8.

The report indicates that new team aims at going back to the drawing board for the new OS and build a single version of an OS, which will work on both smartphones and tablets. Even the Metro UI on the current-generation of the OS can go through a major overhaul or be scrapped altogether. The company did not share any details so far as the first draft is yet to be drawn. At the same time, it seems too early to predict what devices this new OS would be compatible with.

The team is likely to present the first ideas later this year to the Microsoft executives. The OS is likely to be launched some time in 2015.