Microsoft Builds A Brand New Collaborative Portal For Developers

header_microsoftlogoMicrosoft has released a new developer network experience portal, an intuitive single point of entry to help developers interact with Microsoft. The collaborative portal will enable networking amongst the developer community, offer expert guidance to developers and remotely solve their queries, empowering them to be more efficient as they go from idea to app.

The portal offers a rich set of functionality to help developers leverage the collective power of the community. With the second largest developer population based in India with 1.6 million developers; this is a very powerful tool for the entire developer community. It also allows developers in India to connect with their peers across the world. Experts from Microsoft are just a click away once the developers are on the portal.

Developers can bounce off their app ideas in a specially crafted area called “Perspective”. Similarly, community blogs and social feeds in the “Connect” area allow developers to share their stories, get advice and connect with Microsoft experts. The new portal provides and organizes content in a way that is easy to find, identify and collaborate with.

The new developer network portal provides a single point of entry for all developers. It also resolves the issue of finding the right information which is often spread between different locations and is difficult to access. It enables developers to be more efficient, learn faster & connect with the vibrant Microsoft developer community across the world,” said Pratima Amonkar, ‎Director – Strategic Audience Marketing, Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd.

In summary, the new developer portal is built on three pillars:

Simple: The site is designed to help developers engage and start building apps for the Microsoft platform more easily and intuitively.

Relevant: The site helps developers to connect with Microsoft and identify content easily.

Community Driven: The developer network will provide even more opportunity for the community to engage with Microsoft and with each other.

Microsoft is the only company that allows developers to leverage their existing skill set and easily reuse code to build apps and experiences. This code lights up experiences via quality apps across varied and multiple devices on the front end and offers unmatched symmetry between cloud and server at the back-end. Windows is the only platform that offers consistency and flexibility through a common core across device and service to shape the apps ecosystem and providing developers the prospect to maximize their revenues through a 80% (developer) – 20% (Microsoft) revenue sharing model. In addition, Microsoft provides developers with the ability to target apps/experiences for both consumers and businesses.