January 18, 2021

Microchip Launches 3Dtouchpad;Providing The First 2D/3D

download (2)Manufacturer of microcontroller, memory and analog semiconductors Microchip has introduced the all new 3DTouchPad. This new TouchPad is a production-ready development kit and reference design which combines 2D tracking of up to ten fingers, with 3D air gesture recognition for fast development of advanced input sensing for PC peripherals and other applications.

Based on Microchip’s GestIC technology, 3DTouchPad’s robust and innovative 3D gesture recognition technology offers a detection range of up to 10 cm, whilst the highly responsive 2D projected-capacitive multi-touch input sensing supports up to 10 touch points and multi-finger surface gestures.

The integration of Microchip’s new MTCH65X high-voltage capacitive touchscreen line driver enables robust projected-capacitive touch performance as well as larger sensor sizes and a thicker cover material by increasing the Signal-to-Noise Ration (SNR).

As a plug-and-play PC peripheral, 3DTouchPad connects to a PC using a single USB cable and includes a free Graphical User Interface (GUI), Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API). It also offers out-of-the-box driverless features to enhance the user experience for Windows 7/8.X and MacOS.