MicroAd Singapore Announces ‘MicroAd BLADE’ Connected With ‘OpenX Market Southeast Asia’

MicroAd BLADE_logoMicroAd Singapore Pte.Ltd., a leading online ad platform company in APAC, announces that ‘MicroAd BLADE’ is connected with ‘OpenX Market Southeast Asia’ in order to expand online display ads through RTB (Real-Time Bidding) for South East Asia (hereinafter referred to as ‘SEA’) regions and India.

OpenX Market Southeast Asia is operated by Cyber Communications Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ‘CCI’). CCI operates ‘OpenX Market Japan’, which is one of the largest Ad Exchange in Japan. OpenX Market Southeast Asia is part of CCI’s new global approach to online advertising marketplaces for SEA.

MicroAd provides MicroAd BLADE, a Demand-Side-Platform for online advertising by its own developed product, which enables clients to optimize algorithm of advertising. As part of the newly expanded exchange, MicroAd BLADE purchases the inventory from OpenX Market through RTB.

In SEA regions and India, the request of RTB is rapidly expanding. But ad serving is not enough to fulfill the request. We wish to resolve the problem of lack of supply thereby connected with ‘OpenX Market Southeast Asia’. This connection will increase our sales growth rate,” said Kentaro Watanabe, CEO of MicroAd Singapore. “As the number of clients increases rapidly in SEA regions and India, MicroAd Group strives for the expansion of ‘MicroAd BLADE’ in APAC and we estimate to work with over 1,000 advertisers by December 2013.