Meta has announced several new features for WhatsApp Status so that more people use it

A number of new features for WhatsApp, Meta’s instant messaging service, have been released. The new features aim to enhance the chat messenger’s status experience. The dominant social media platform claims that its recently unveiled features would make it simpler for you to communicate with others.

Meat emphasised the vocal status as one of the most prominent qualities. Voice messages of up to 30 seconds can now be recorded and shared on WhatsApp status. Those who prefer speaking to typing their WhatsApp status would profit from this. You may now select who sees your status when you update it on the messenger thanks to the new “Private Audience Selector” feature.

The ability to respond to status was also highlighted by Meta in its official blog article. WhatsApp users can now respond to status updates they see on the app, just as on Instagram. You can choose any of the eight emojis to help you swiftly respond to any status by swiping up and tapping on the precise emoji you want to use. Like before, you can respond to a status using text, voice messages, or stickers.

Whether done intentionally or accidentally, sharing harmful links in WhatsApp status can lead to serious problems for individuals who click on them. Users will be able to preview the website that a link will take them to before clicking on it thanks to Meta’s new Link Previews on the Status feature.

Finally, WhatsApp’s “Status Profile Rings for New Updates” feature will make sure you never miss a status update from a family member or friend. The new “ring will be visible around your contact’s profile photo whenever they publish a status update,” as stated by Meta in its official blog post. The chat lists, participant lists for groups, and contact information will all show it.

Over the next several days, Meta will roll out these updates to WhatsApp status to everyone.

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