Mega Founder Kim Dotcom Has Announced ‘Fully Encrypted’ Video Calling Service

Kim Dotcom will be launching a secure browser chat service in the near kim-dotcom-780x517future. The Mega founder claims the company’s chat client will be “fully encrypted” and will offer “browser-based video call and chat” to users, along with high-speed file transfers, with the Microsoft-owned Skype being seen as Dotcom’s main messaging competition.

VentureBeat reports that Mega first suggested it would move into messaging services in February 2013, with the service supposedly offering real-time message and file exchanges to Mega users in “early 2014.” It is unclear if the service will include an app version separate from the browser, or whether the browser-based service would require a plug-in for the browser, but it will offer end-to-end encryption.

Dotcom has been keen to maintain some level of secrecy and security in his communications for some time, especially considering his ongoing legal battles with Hollywood movie studios. Dotcom has previously railed against Gmail, Skype, and iCloud for their lack of privacy from US government surveillance efforts. On Twitter, Dotcom attacked Skype again, claiming “No US-based online service provider can be trusted with your data. Skype has no choice. They must provide the US Government with backdoors.”