MediaTek announces the arrival of Super-Slow Motion Technology

The Super-Slow Motion Technology controls several subsystems that work in concert.

MediaTek has announced the arrival of Super-Slow Motion Technology, a camera feature that enables smartphones to create 480 frames per second (fps) 1080p Full HD videos and playback at 1/16 speed. This high-end technology is featured in MT6595- and MT6795-powered devices, to distribute a premium multimedia experience to mobile users.

The Super-Slow Motion Technology controls several subsystems that work in concert, beginning with the Sony IMX220, 20.7MP sensor, which is used to capture the videos. The captured high fps videos are then passed through MediaTek’s advanced image processing pipeline, ensuring that each processed frame is of finest quality while displaying the image in excellent clarity and detail.


Additionally, users may edit their videos as much as they like while retaining total control over the duration and location of the Super-Slow Motion segment on the video timeline. Once a Super-Slow Motion video is rendered, users can then easily share it with friends and family.


“Advances in technology, such as the 480fps Full HD Super-Slow Motion camera feature, allow MediaTek to push conventional boundaries and make best mobile features accessible to everyone on the planet, aligning with our Super-mid market strategy of providing rich features at reasonable prices,” Jeffrey Ju, General Manager, MediaTek Smartphone Business Unit was quoted as saying.

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