MCN And Songwhale Announce The Formation Of Big Smile Products, LLC

Wednesday, June 11, 2014: Building on a one-year partnership, MCN and Songwhale have formed a new venture: Big Smile Products, LLC. Big Smile will bring successful consumer products from the USA to Asia by creating and adapting state of the art direct response marketing tools for the e-commerce and television markets. Big Smile will build direct-to-consumer channels through new and emerging mobile technologies.
Big Smile’s platform enables discovery and consumer selection of innovative products and provides consumers in Asia with a safe, simple method to purchase these products directly. Target categories will focus on cosmetics, health, nutrition, exercise, and personal care products. Through cutting-edge and proprietary technology in mobile marketing and e-commerce, Big Smile aims to solve direct-to-consumer marketing challenges in payment, security, and delivery.
The venture will be led by Ty Morse, CEO of Songwhale, as Big Smile’s CEO and Marc Bookman, CEO of MCN, as Big Smile’s Chairman/President. The corporate headquarters for the company will be based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA with its Regional Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. R&D will operate out of the US and sales offices will be located in Bangkok, Thailand; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Manila, Philippines with expansion to additional Asian countries planned in the near future.
MCN has been providing mobile marketing and search solutions to mobile operators and advertising agencies in Southeast Asia and Japan since 2006. Big Smile will build on MCN’s local infrastructure and expertise, as well as to empower mobile marketing strategies tailored to local requirements.
Songwhale is the leading digital direct response platform in the US and a top mobile messaging player supporting renowned brands in sports, healthcare and entertainment. Songwhale delivers an end-to-end solution for consumer products from product sourcing, packaging, fulfillment, ad production, online marketing through TV media buying. Big Smile will replicate this value chain in Asian markets.

Source : efytimes

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