MCC Group wins distribution rights for Kodak Digital Camera in Five countries

 Kodak LogoThe MCC  Group, India’s  leading  Sales  and Distribution  Company  for Imaging  and Entertainment  products, has won the exclusive rights to distribute Kodak digital cameras from J K Imaging, California USA, for 6 countries.

The MCC Group has been at the forefront of sales and distribution of electronics and Global imaging brands in the world and has helped these brands to create a robust sales network and presence in India. Ajay Mehta, Managing Director, MCC Group, spoke on the alliance with Kodak Digital Cameras, JK Imaging Ltd, saying, “Kodak is a world leader in the Imaging and Camera market. We are proud to handle this brand across five countries. The unmatched quality  of their  products,  a household  brand  name,  combined  with  our  strong  sales  and  distribution  network  will ensure a solid offering that will surely exceed the expectations of our customers.”

Mr, Joe Atick, CEO, JK Imaging, said, “Our decision to license the globally-recognized Kodak brand from Eastman Kodak Company  was a natural fit. With more than a century of imaging firsts, there is a great deal invested  in the Kodak  name.  We intend  to continue  this legacy  and bring  to market  the next generation  of ‘must  have’  portable, personal  electronics  that  enhance  the  lives  of  consumers  worldwide.  Now,  with  MCC  on  our  side,  with  their experience  of several decades of handling large camera brands, we wish to bring all these exciting products to the Indian sub continent”

The Kodak Pixpro range of Digital Cameras will come to the market with a total of five new models. The Pixpro range of Kodak cameras  are unique, using the new aspherical  lenses, which occupy  less  space  and  reduce  image  distortion.  The  range  is of a robust  build  quality  to withstand  the extreme weather conditions in India.