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Matrix Weighbridge Integration

Matrix presents Deep Learning-based Weighbridge Solution it captures images which act as evidence and digital records of Weighment Transactions. Weighbridge integration can be configured to serve as a single solution for multiple locations or it can function as a distinct solution for multiple locations. The solution captures visual Snapshots(Driver, Truck; License Plate; Dumping Bed; Weight scale) of Weighment transactions at Entry And Exit points.

Key Features

  • Single Solution for Weighment and Video Surveillance
  • Avoid dependency one Weighbridge terminal brand, API, Database, RS232 string format
  • Evidence of Vehicle, Driver, Material and Surrounding conditions
  • Digital Records of License Plate and Weighment Transaction
  • Direct data Import/ Export to SAP/ERP – Optimization and Automation to daily operations
  • Fleet and Driver Authorization – Access Control of unwanted/ trespassers/ duplication
  • Digital and Evidence-based Transaction Receipts – Proof to second-tier vendors

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