Matrix satatya 64channel premium network video recorder

Matrix SATATYA NVR64P is an IP video recordersuitable for enterprises providing a high resolution security solution. It is built nvr64pon a Corei3 processorfor smooth and reliable performance. This recorder, along with its software, ensures organizations get preventive and effective security with rich features likeadaptive recording for saving storage space, camera-wise recording & backup retention, calling from mobile app andemail notification with snapshot. Furthermore, features likeE-map and cascading ensures effective monitoring never letting organizations miss unwanted events.

Key Features:

1. Cascading: Connect multiple NVRs and HVRs from a single device without a server

2. Full HD Recording: Record 64 cameras at 2MP

3. Adaptive Recording: Saves storage space up to 50%

4. Camera wise recording retention: Retain recordings based on priority of cameras

5. Calling from Mobile App:Call a SIM number or an extension (MATRIX EPABX) assigned to any camera directly from the mobile device

6. Integration: Database level integration with access control, fire alarm and other sensors

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