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Matrix brings a successful conclusion to its representation at East Tech 2022

Matrix, a leading manufacturer of Telecom and Security products, successfully exhibited its
solutions at East Tech 2022. This closed-door event garnered quite a lot of response among
various interested parties. The event was organized on the 7th & 8th of July, 2022 in Biswa
Bangla Prangan, Kolkata.

At this event, Matrix displayed its range of IP Video Surveillance solutions that included
enterprise-level VMS, NVRs, and IP Cameras with a range of up to 8 MP.  The entire solution
focuses on solving the three major pain areas of customers namely bandwidth and storage
cost, difficulty in centralized management, and monitoring & reactive security. Some of the
path-breaking features on display included Event-based Edge Recording, Adaptive
Recording, Centralised Monitoring and Management without Server and public IP, 2-level
Data Compression, Video Analytics like People Counting, Missing Objects Detection,
Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Calling from Mobile App. Experience with such
features will help you differentiate a Video Surveillance solution to box moving devices and
cameras available in the marketplace.

Matrix introduced its newest range of TURRET and PTZ to provide its customers with a
diverse portfolio of IP Cameras for comprehensive security solutions. Turret Cameras or flat-
faced dome cameras have a ball and socket design that gives them the flexibility to move on
their axis once mounted. Easy axis adjustment after installation, no IR reflection, and fewer
chances of fingerprints make it a popular choice for corporates. PTZ Cameras provide 360
degrees of surveillance as the camera can pan-tilt-zoom in different directions to monitor
large areas. The latest in the Matrix PTZ family is their 5MP cameras with 42x optical zoom
to capture clearer images and better surveillance.

High-End surveillance cameras demand robust video recording solutions with high storage
capacity and adequate redundancies to ensure that corporates get 24x7x365 days of
surveillance with no downtime. Matrix’s new range of ENVRs is an answer to the same they
can support up to 128 channels and have a storage capacity of up to 144 TB. The visitors will
have a chance to experience the same at the event.

Under Access Control and Time-Attendance domain, Matrix showcased its Aadhaar Enabled
Biometric Device. It’s the only Linux-based device available in the Indian market with card
and finger authentication. The device comes with multiple connectivity options like Wi-Fi,
PoE, and Ethernet. This Aadhaar based authentication device is purposely designed for
marking the attendance of government employees and is the only embedded device
available in the Indian market currently.

Matrix also presented its instant face recognition door controller, COSEC ARGO FACE which
identifies users with accuracy, speed, reliability, and higher capacity. AI-based deep learning
technology makes it highly adaptable. Apart from this, they also showcased COSEC
PANEL200P – a smart site controller. It works in two different architectures. In network
architecture, COSEC PANEL200P acts as a bridge between the controllers and the server. In
Standalone Architecture, it works independently without requiring any server. It can
manage 255 COSEC door controllers and 25,000 users from its UI. Door controller- COSEC
ARC, a unique IP-based access control terminal having multiple benefits over the
conventional access control terminal, was also displayed. Being PoE based, it eliminates
complex wiring and local power requirements. Its din rail and wall mount option give the
flexibility to mount even where the space is a constraint. Additionally, Matrix brought forth
its range of enterprise-grade Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions at the event.
And focusing on the ‘Your Mobile is Your Identity’ technology QR Code-based Access
Control, Bluetooth-based Access Control, and Automatic Attendance Marking using Smart
Phone was a significant focus at the event.

From the Telecom domain, Matrix presented ‘Matrix SARVAM UCS – Unified Communication
Server for Modern Enterprises. It is a powerful Unified Communication solution that enables
interconnectivity among employees of an organization, irrespective of its size and
geographic location. Matrix SARVAM UCS, with its unified network connectivity (VOIP, T1/E1
PRI, PSTN/FXO, GSM/3G/4G, and Radio), advanced call capabilities, and comprehensive
features ensures that the organization is agile, alert, and aptly empowered to excel in their
core competencies.

Additionally, the visitors had the opportunity to experience their open server-based
telephony systems that helps in cutting overheads like the wiring cost. ANANT UCS is
scalable, robust, and efficient in providing seamless connectivity on a single platform and
employees can connect using mobiles, desk phones, laptops, and tablets.
Corporates looking for a single box solution for connectivity across multiple locations can
opt for Matrix’s Prasar UCS. The Combination of software PRASAR UCS and hardware SPARK
200 forms the basis of VoIP solutions for offices of the modern era. Prasar is an ideal
solution for small organizations with 100 users to large organizations with up to 2100 users
giving them complete freedom to collaborate on the go.

Furthermore, the visitors experienced “ VARTA – The UC Client for Seamless Collaboration”.
VARTA redefines the communication experience with its variety of collaboration and
mobility features and intuitive user interface. VARTA empowers users to switch or extend
extensions to their desktop computers, and Android and iOS mobile devices. It offers real-
time features such as Video Calling, Presence Sharing, Instant Messaging, Drag-and-Drop
Conference, and BLF Keys (up to 600). It elevates communication effectiveness and business
productivity to the next level.

Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager
Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager

“We are glad that we could reach out to the key people of the various verticals in explaining
our latest products, their features, and applications. Our solutions would help organizations to improvise their work environment in a better way. We were overwhelmed by the
enthusiastic response from the visitors.”, stated Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager.

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