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Matrix Adds a Dash of Convenience to Workplace Communications with Microsoft Outlook Integration in VARTA WIN200 – The UC Client

Matrix Comsec, a leading manufacturer of Telecom and Security solutions, enhanced its Unified Communications portfolio with Outlook Integration in VARTA WIN200 – The UC Client for seamless collaboration. Matrix integrated Outlook with the PC Client to address the businesses’ need of mobility and improve communication effectiveness. Now users can do multi-tasking and avail features of the PC Client from the Outlook itself.
The integration of Outlook e-mail client with VARTA WIN200 offers a bundle of features, which are as follows.
1.Click to Call:The user has to simply click on the Outlook contact and a call will be automatically placed through VARTA WIN200.
2.Single Screen for Multiple Tasks: Users can now access all the UC features from their Outlook screen. E-mails, Make Calls from Extensions, Check Presence Status, Arrange/Attend Conference, Instant Messages and Group Chat are features users can now access from a single screen.
3.Presence Sharing: Presence Sharing helps users route the calls accordingly for simplified communication.
4.Contact Grouping and Conferencing: It helpsa user reach multiple people right from their Outlook mailbox for meetings and discussions.
5.Hot Keys: Dedicated Hot keys for Making/Receiving Audio/Video Calls, Disconnecting and Rejecting Calls, Hold/Unhold calls, Volume Up/Down offers a personalized calling experience that enhances an employees’ efficiency.
6.Calendar Integration: With Calendar Integration, Presence Status of anemployee during meetings will be set accordingly. Henceforth, employees can route their callsand there will be no delays in the decision-making process.
7.Instant Messaging: Users can send Instant Messages to their Outlook contacts from the same screen as VARTA WIN200. With multi-media features like Emoticons and Intuitive Dial Pad, users can have seamless communication experience that indeed boosts their productivity.
” The Integration of Outlook with VARTA WIN200 – The UC Client is a progressive step towards an improved collaboration of communication solution. Matrix is looking to develop .
more such features,making it easy for the customers and setting new standards of business communication that will enhance user experience,”said Sagar Gosalia Sr. Vice President, Sales and Marketing.