August 6, 2020

MaStar Releases Latest 2.5-inch SATA III SSD GL01

GL01MaStar, a manufacturer of excellent quality storage products, released the latest 2.5-inch SSD GL01, an entry-level SSD worthy of your investment. Equipped with Toshiba’s 19nm NAND flash memory and Phison controller, this drive runs exceptionally well and steady. GL01 can achieve a read speed of 540 MB/s and a write speed of 350 MB/s with a SATA III interface. For those who intend to upgrade their computers’ performance, GL01 is the best choice.

Less Waiting, More Fun

MaStar selects the appropriate components and provides the storage solution of the best value. The GL01 integrates a SATA 6.0Gbs interface, Toshiba’s 19nm NAND flash chips, and a Phison controller, performing a satisfying transfer speed. Moreover, the 240GB version is extra equipped with DDR3 RAM to make it faster. The drive gives you an experience of less booting time and faster applications startup, and enables you to save your videos, pictures, and files easily.

More Convenient and Reliable

Compared to regular hard disk drives, GL01 features lower power consumption, extending battery life among laptops. You can be at ease when using the drive with its cool operating temperature. Without moving mechanical parts, the drive powered by electricity is shock-proof, which is the best choice for upgrading your mobile computers. The GL01 is offered in four capacities (30GB, 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB) and comes with a 3-year warranty.

2.5” SATA III SSD GL01 Features:

  •   Read/Write speeds up to 540/350 MB/s
    ● Enhances your computer performance and transfers files quickly
    ● Mere 7mm slim form factor
    ● Convenient with shock-proof and low power consumption
    ● Quiet, cool, reliable
    ● 3-year warranty

Product Specification:

 Capacity30 GB / 60 GB / 120 GB / 240 GB
 Dimensions100 mm X 69.85 mm X 7 mm
 Weight79 g
 Vibration Resistance Test20 G
 Shock Resistance Test: 1500 G Max














  •  Capacity:30 GB / 60 GB / 120 GB / 240 GB
    ● Dimensions:100 mm X 69.85 mm X 7 mm
    ● Weight:79 g
    ● Vibration Resistance Test:20 G
    ● Shock Resistance Test: 1500 G Max
    ● Color:Black