Mark Zuckerberg Bequeaths to Help Election Offices of the United States

Facebook’s CEO and founder and his wife donated an extra 100 million dollars to help local election offices get ready for November even as few conservatives are coming forward to stop the funds from being used.

The donation has brought the total funding for the election from both Mark and Priscilla to 400 million dollars, the similar amount that Congress assigned in March to help fund election offices as they dealt with the problems of acclimatizing to recent voting behavior during the pandemic. Election experts had assessed that it could cost 4 billion dollars to make all the necessary changes, but Senate Republicans not ever acted on a relief bill from the Democratic-controlled House that comprised 3.6 billion dollars to assist voting officials.

Both of them helped in closing the gap at the start of September, with 300 million dollars of contribution. That came after other donors had already been making their donations to the NPO’s that is getting most of the company founder’s donations.



As per the executive director of the Center for Technology and Civic Life, they have seen a huge interest in the COVID-19 Response Grant program since September in which 2,100 election officials are seeking funding to guarantee safe, health election options for voters of the USA.

The money will recompense for the defensive kits to stop the spread of the coronavirus at polling sites, drive-through voting places, equipment to process mail ballots, and many others.

The former staffers of a Democratic tech firm, and Jeff Landry, the republican attorney moved to block twenty-six offices in his state from acquiring 7.8 million dollars in funds. The attorney is also working on redrafting state law to bar such arrangements in the upcoming years.

It was also announced that there have been lawsuits filed in 9 swing states, against the donations by a Republican legal group.

It has further been announced the lawsuit called the donations as a treacherous, synchronized, and furtiveness campaign to operate 2020’s elections.

The CEO of Facebook has accredited the controversy and has stated that there have been numerous lawsuits filed in an attempt to block these funds from being utilized, based on claims that the firms are receiving donations that have a biased agenda. Also, these funds will serve communities throughout the USA, and they are being assigned by non-partisan firms.
Facebook’s CEO added that they have agreed with those who say that government should deliver those funds and not private citizens.