Marg ERP to make revenue of 250 crore from PharmaNXT in the next three years

Marg ERP Limited has recently launched PharmaNXT, a platform for Pharmacists in which they can get information about any drug or an item, its salt, the substitutes, HSN code etc. Chemists can also check the information of tax percentage, MRP, manufacturing company and many other details. The company is hoping to generate Rs. 250 crore revenue in the next three years.

This unique platform will empower the chemists to find the nearest distributors according to their location, who are dealing in a specific item or a company. Since the competition is evolving every day even the small companies are manufacturing and distributing medicines at a local level. There are few items which even chemists are not aware of as a result, they have to lose the customers.

With the help of PharmaNxt App or Marg ERP, the chemist will be able to locate the nearest suppliers dealing in the specific medicine as soon as they enter the medicine name in the search panel. This kind of platform was required by chemists & Pharma industry for years. Before this, there was no such platform available with the complete information about an item.

Marg ERP became the first one to introduce such kind of platform to ease out the difficulties faced by pharma retailers or distributors. With this new invention all the information necessary for Pharma supply chain network will be easily accessible to the pharmacist in a single click. The chemist can use the platform in two ways, one is by downloading PharmaNxt mobile app from Google Play Store, second it is given in Marg ERP itself, this feature can be availed easily inside Marg ERP 9+ by clicking a button while billing.

The company believes that within the next three months stockists, distributors, small manufacturers will unite on the platform to cross one lakh registered users. Currently, more than 2.5 lakh retailers and distributors use Marg software, so the company is hoping to benefit the industry immensely and the distributors & retailers will come close to each other.

Sharing his views Thakur Anup Singh, Group CMD, Marg ERP said, “today more than 1 lakh searches are being done on this platform every day and we hope that when a large number of distributors will get registered on the platform the search will increase to 4 to 5 lakhs, which will not only benefit chemists, but will help in the distributors’ business to grow. This is one of the reasons that distributors are registering themselves on this platform and so far 25,000 distributors have already joined Marg PharmaNxt.”

He further added “the facility of distributor registration has been offered only for the users of Marg ERP as more than 1.5 lakh distributors, stockists and propaganda companies (small manufacturers) are associated with Marg. Our first target is to bridge the gap between retailers and distributors associated with us, to facilitate the retailers as well as the manufacturers. This platform will work to connect smaller distributors and retailers in future.”