MapmyIndia Announces A Strategic Tie-Up With iBall

MapmyIndia, India’s leader in digital maps, GPS navigation and web mobile location apps provider has entered into a strategic partnership with iBall, a brand known for innovative and latest technology products. The first offering to come out of this relationship is the iBall Andi Uddaan, India’s first women safety mobile phone’s deep integration with MapmyIndia’s people safety app, Locate. The device has a dedicated and exclusive SOS/safety feature in the phone, which is powered by MapmyIndia Locate app.

MapmyIndia-Locate-main“These days security especially women safety in India has been a big cause of concern. For the steady growth of India as superpower, women have and are playing a pivotal role. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that they along with every Indian citizen feel safe. This initiative is a small but significant step toward harnessing the potential of GPS navigation technology to secure India’s citizens. I am happy to see that iBall, a leading name in mobile phones has realized this. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership,” says Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia

“A successful mitigation of threat requires rescue as well as preventive measures. The Andi Uddaan phone offers both. We have tested the MapmyIndia application (that powers SOS) in many challenging scenarios before offering it to users. The overwhelming response received from the market is a testimony to our rigorous quality standards. We are looking to exploiting the potential of GPS navigation technology in a big way together. We plan develop products that keep Indians safe, productive and engaged as they go on with their daily lives, “says Amit Banka, VP Technical, iBall

The iBall Andi Uddaan mobile phone uses India’s best and most comprehensive map data from MapmyIndia. The device design allows for quick yet discreet access to the SOS button. Every second is critical in case of an emergency. MapmyIndia locate ensures that the emergency message reaches the right person instantly and with clear details about how to reach the incident spot. A person can add five emergency contacts, who will receive the distress signal.

So what happens when you press the SOS Button (RESCUE):

Immediate help from those in vicinity: At the press of SOS, the phone will set off a loud alarm to alert people nearby: This will sound off people nearby even if the victim is gagged or incapacitated to raise a voice alarm. It may scare the perpetrators to flee the spot.

Express dispatch: Immediately MapmyIndia maps link is sent along with an SMS to the girl’s emergency contact(s).

Exponentially increases the chances of success: The ready availability of location details allows for the immediate launch of search and rescue operations thus multiplying the chances of success exponentially.

Prevention and early warning system:

Tracking: With MapmyIndia Locate that comes pre-installed in the phone, offers permission based real time tracking.

Geo- Fencing: Based on the need of the hour, a geographical area can be earmarked on the app like a fence. Any breach will set off alerts to family/husband whoever is the emergency contact(s).

With these powerful offerings for mobile phones, MapmyIndia is working closely with handset manufacturers across the country. MapmyIndia’s applications cover the complete spectrum of SNT (Social, Navigation and Tracking). These apps are already very popular amongst mobile users. The company has successfully launched apps for all popular mobile platforms viz. Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. These apps are free and can also be accessed from the mobile browser.

MapmyIndia apps have been developed on India’s most accurate and updated interactive maps with house number and street-level detail. These are designed to provide step-by-step directions (from user’s current location or between any two points in India), social media and tracking interface. With MapmyIndia apps users can search (for businesses, localities, cities etc) and socialize with friends while ensuring the safety of their near and dear ones.

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