MapCalculator – Measure Distance And Area On The Map – iPhone/ iPad App

Map-Calculator Announcing that Bartsoft Inc., a Canadian based company, has released the new iPhone/ iPad application MapCalculator – Measure Distance and Area on the map.

MapCalculator helps to measure distance from point A to point B, compose complex distance paths or simply measure an area of a soccer field.

Map Calculator is very flexible. The app allows users to have the center pin as the guide to compose the path on the map by adding and subtracting anchor points. The total distance (or area, if that mode is selected) is automatically updated. The user can save the path for future reference just by tapping the check mark and giving it a name. When saved, an offline map image is automatically generated (if internet connection is available) that can be accessed without internet connectivity later on.

The user can also customize the paths visually by choosing from 5 different colours and line thicknesses. With some people being color blind, there’s a color in there for everyone.

Perfect for:

  • distance measurement for golf
  • flight distances for pilots
  • measuring distances on the water (boating)
  • land surveying
  • must have for any travel enthusiasts
  • finding co-ordinates of a point on the map

The following measurement units are available:

  • Meters & Kilometers (Metric)
  • Feet & Miles (imperial)
  • Yards
  • Fathoms, Cables & Nautical Miles
  • Links, Rods, Chains
  • Acres for area measurement

Several map types to choose from:

  • standard
  • terrain (shows elevation)
  • hybrid
  • satellite

All units will also be used in area measurement, if that mode is selected.

Device Requirements:

* iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

* Requires iOS 5.0 or later

* 15.6 MB

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