Manufacturers, Energy Firms Amp Up Output With SAS Analytics

SASSAS, the leader in business analytics services and solutions, helps companies such as POSCO and Shell Exploration & Production Company avoid unplanned downtime and keep production goals on target with SAS® Predictive Asset Maintenance. With the added power of SAS® Visual Analytics, companies can easily analyse data to find systemic root causes, ensure higher safety and protect production commitments.

“Competitive pressure and increasingly tight regulations require analytical solutions that exceed traditional asset management systems,” said Reinhard Hoene, SAS Senior Product Manager. “Organisations that couple predictive analytics with visual analytics essentially have a data ‘GPS’ helping them find the critical information in their mountain of data. Being able to see performance degradations early and take preventive measures before an issue becomes a costly or dangerous problem – that is priceless.

SAS Predictive Asset Maintenance can help a company move from a reactive “What’s happening?” to a predictive “What needs service or replacement now to keep production humming during the next service cycle?” Recent upgrades to SAS Predictive Asset Maintenance offer an expanded data model, greater data selection options and a flexible framework that supports various industries. With SAS Predictive Asset Maintenance, companies can extend the life of expensive assets without increasing the likelihood of equipment failures.

SAS Predictive Asset Maintenance combines powerful data integration, visualisation, descriptive and predictive analytics, and business intelligence to create an unbiased, big-picture view of asset performance. These capabilities increase uptime while optimising maintenance costs and asset life cycles by predicting events that cause outages. Future asset or process failures are easier to solve because prior mitigation efforts are recorded in a centralised knowledge repository, facilitating speedy root cause analysis.

SAS Visual Analytics is a high-performance, in-memory solution designed to quickly explore large amounts of data. Users can spot patterns, identify opportunities for further analysis and convey visual results via Web reports or iPad® and Android tablets.

SAS Visual Analytics quickly reads data into memory for ultra-fast processing and the resulting data visualisation. Users can then explore all data, execute analytic correlations on billions of rows of data in just minutes or seconds, and visually present results.

In today’s dynamic business environment, it is important that organisations embrace a proactive approach and take forward-looking decisions. Predictive analytics and data visualisation techniques can help organisations in graphically exploring data, forecasting demand, identifying trends, reducing downtime and shrinking stock-outs. Organisations in the Indian manufacturing and utilities sector are embracing predictive analytics & data visualisation and are reaping breakthrough business benefits.” said Sudipta K. Sen, Regional Director – South East Asia, CEO & Managing Director – SAS Institute (India).

Learn more about SAS Predictive Asset Maintenance by downloading a white paper titled Driving Corporate Performance with Predictive Maintenance Solutions, by visiting the SAS website Download a white paper called See the Possibilities with Data Visualisation to learn more about SAS Visual Analytics.