Manthan Partners With SnapLogic To Accelerate Data Onboarding For Big Data Analytics

Businesses now have the ability to instantly consume data from a variety of data sources and generate powerful insights using Manthan’s packaged analytics products, which are now integrated with SnapLogic’s Elastic Integration Platform.

Manthan, a global leader in Big Data Analytics, announced an OEM partnership with SnapLogic, a Manthan logo analyze decide dotechnology leader offering unified data and application integration platform as a service (iPaaS). This partnership empowers consumer businesses to shrink the time to analytics for users, by making data on-boarding faster and easier.

Manthan’s award winning advanced analytics solutions are designed to make the analytics journey of businesses quicker and simpler with the instant reward of real time actionable insights. Manthan’s solutions come with industry specific pre-packaged data models and data processes to consume and manage data from structured and unstructured sources. This includes data from various operational systems like POS, ERP, Campaign and Ecommerce platforms as well as external systems like social media.

“Extracting data from disparate systems and connecting with Manthan’s packaged analytics solutions is often the only time required to activate insights. SnapLogic enhances data acquisition and connectivity to multiple data sources, thereby further reducing the time required to onboard businesses”, said Ravi Shankar, Vice President, Professional Services, Manthan.

“The Manthan-Snaplogic partnership will automate the essential step of connecting a variety of data sources in order to generate valuable insights from the Manthan analytics platform. SnapLogic’s intelligent connectors, called Snaps, for cloud and on-premises applications including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce reduce the effort required to create integrations and extract the data therein, and improve the quality of the integrated data.” said Jack Kudale, Senior Vice President of Field Operations, SnapLogic.

Manthan’s analytics solutions portfolio provides a comprehensive self-service experience to the business user– from data on boarding, data discovery to analysis, visualization and implementation. With its innovative ‘Switch On analytics’ approach, Manthan has thus enabled enterprises to reduce the friction to onboard analytics and simplify guided decision making.