Manoj Tiwari, RISETECH SOFTWARE, SUb- Distributor,Cyberoam Interacts With IT Voice

Mr. Manoj Tiwari has been associated with several

Manoj Twari_RiseInfotech

Mr. Manoj Tiwari, RISETECH Software, Sub-Distrubutor,cyberoam

government projects and has established his firm Risetech Software as a leading System Integrator in Rajasthan. The firm distributes Digital boards and networking products and is associated with Cyberoam (now Sophos) for some time now. Risetech Software has recently been appointed as the sole Cyberoam (now Sophos) Sub Distributor in Rajasthan. We spoke with him about his views on the Security market in India:

IT Voice: What are the most common security requirements these days?

Mr. Manoj Tiwari: Businesses are operating in a collaborative environment where more people need continuous access to critical business resources from multiple locations. Further, mobile devices are also being allowed at work for accessing critical business data. Hence, administrators need to uniquely identify users, control user activities in the network, and enable policy-setting and reporting by username, even in dynamic IP environments like DHCP and Wi-Fi. Cyberoam’s patented Identity Based Layer 8 Technology is especially advantageous in such scenarios. Further, there is a high demand for UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliances which offer multiple functionalities like IPS, Web Filtering, WAF, VPN, Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware and more on a single appliance providing a comprehensive security cover to businesses.

IT Voice: How do you see basic Firewall evolving to meet modern day security challenges?

Mr. Manoj Tiwari: Although, Firewall is central to most advanced security approaches, I believe it has reached a saturation stage in terms of technology advancements. Still, there is a need to improve firewall performance as the data used by businesses is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Hence, there is a definite push towards increasing firewall throughputs. Further, the data generated in terms of security logs is now being put into more capable analytics engines so that administrators have a better picture and grasp of their networks. User experience is also a segment where security vendors are scrambling in to create differentiation.

IT Voice: Businesses are seriously looking at enabling ‘security as a service’; what is your opinion on this trend?

Mr. Manoj Tiwari: Businesses are definitely interested in cloud offerings and ‘security as a service’ is drawing attention like a new kid on the block. While the momentum exists and inclination is also growing, it needs to be noted that this market is still in its nascent phase. Further, the potential for replacing legacy infrastructure with next generation and integrated security approaches is still quite large in India.

IT Voice: How do you assess the security market in India?

Mr. Manoj Tiwari:  The security market in India is entering a phase where the demand is driven by SMBs. It’s a high growth market and also a very competitive one. As SMBs plan to gather maximum benefits from latest advancements in Cloud, virtualization and BYOD, they need to invest in a security infrastructure which supports all these advancements without undermining their business connectivity and productivity. Further, there is a demand for security solutions which offer simple overview of security via advanced analytics. Although there are stand-alone solutions available in the market offering answer to every security need, there are few designed with a holistic approach suiting the requirements of SMBs. That’s why we see tremendous potential for Cyberoam (now Sophos) UTM and NGFW appliances, which we believe make an exceptional value proposition for our customers.

IT Voice: What makes Cyberoam different from other security vendors in India?

Mr. Manoj Tiwari: I think because they have a long history in India, they understands the pain points of Indian SMBs as well as the market in general, better than any other vendor in India. Also, one must notice that when it comes to security, the combined portfolio of Cyberoam and Sophos has almost everything for everyone. And when it comes to distribution, Cyberoam has highest number of partners in India. Their partner programs, trainings, sales and marketing support is exceptional and that’s why the company has been rated as a channel favorite on multiple occasions by leading IT publications. Apart from being a channel favorite Cyberoam also excels at customer support. I think, all these things supplemented with its world class technology make Cyberoam a very strong contender in the security space in India.

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