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MANN+HUMMEL India announces accreditation of its indoor air quality solutions by RESET

MANN+HUMMEL India, a subsidiary of the Germany based MANN+HUMMEL Group, a leading global filtration specialist, announced that its ‘OurAir’ air quality monitors and digital platform, has received accreditation by RESET, the world’s first sensor-based and performance-driven building standard and certification program, which aims to improve indoor environments and occupant health on a global scale.

OurAir, which has recently been launched in India, is a brand of the MANN+HUMMEL Group that offers indoor air quality solutions that combine MANN+HUMMEL’s 77 years of filtration expertise with cutting-edge digital innovation. These solutions are based on smart devices, where air quality monitors, filters, purification and ventilation systems, integrate seamlessly with the OurAir digital platform. With OurAir solutions, building owners, facility managers and tenants can “KNOW, IMPROVE and MANAGE” the air quality in commercial buildings.

“We are the first company in India to successfully achieve RESET accreditation for both the cloud software (OurAir Digital Platform), and air quality monitors (OurAir SPS208, SPB308, and SPB358), making it a complete end-to-end solution provider for indoor air quality” said Pradeep Randhawa, Managing Director, MANN+HUMMEL India. “With this OurAir has been accepted into the international network of companies providing RESET accredited indoor air quality solutions.

“RESET is the only building standard in the world to focus on the foundational details of what makes building systems work. There is a great emphasis on the quality of source data and hardware, through to actual performance metrics, which are measured each and every day. As a brand, OurAir’s vision and values are very much aligned with RESET’s mission.” added Pradeep Randhawa.

“We are highly impressed with OurAir’s approach, which goes beyond our focus on data quality and health thresholds, into asset management tools, that ensure the long-term health performance of buildings and their interiors.” says Raefer Wallis, Founder of RESET. “Developing a healthy building is one thing. Operating one is quite another challenge. Most projects fail during operations and we’re seeing a marked shift in tenant expectations. They are now saying, ‘I don’t really care how the building was designed, I just want to know if it actually works.’ OurAir addresses that.”

“Air pollution is the fourth greatest cause of death worldwide, with 92% of the world’s population breathing air deemed unsafe by the World Health Organization. But while outside air pollution grabs most of the headlines, the air we breathe inside can be much more harmful. The level of air pollution indoors can be between two and five times the pollution found outdoors. And as we spend around 90% of our time indoors, those places we feel safest may not be as healthy as they seem. MANN+HUMMEL has designed OurAir to transform those spaces into the clean and healthy environments that they should be. OurAir is a combination of intelligent products and services that enable you to understand and take control of the air you breathe” said Jason Tang, Vice President of Intelligent Air Solutions, MANN+HUMMEL.