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Mañana Nuu Partnership

Greetings from Mañana Innovations! Mañana Innovations Pte. Limited(MIPL) are a Singapore Based Telecom company offering international Voice Service to Telephone Operators! They have launched MañanaTalk for consumers to offer International Calling services closer to real cost of telephony. For example a call to the USA that would cost ₹8 to ₹10 from a normal telecom operator would cost a MañanaTalk customer 70paise. This is the power of MañanaTalk.
On 23rd August 2017 MIPL ware delighted to announce the partnership between Sun Cupid Pvt Limited and Mañana Innovations Pte Limited & launch the Nuu Smartphones with the Mañana Inside logo as every Nuu Mobile Smartphone that is in the hands of our customers would have “MañanaTalk Inside” it when it leaves the factory, Just like Intel Inside marking Intel powered Computers Different from others.
This is a unique combination that no other smart phone offers by adding value to the phone by bundling a MañanaTalk with the Nuu Phone where the service and the device are bundled together.
With this partnership 850,000 Nuu phones would carry the MañanaTalk giving their owners the ability to call anywhere from anywhere at a fraction of the cost using the latest technology even enabling international roaming globally! This partnership is worth US$102 million per year equalling to ₹ 663 crores.
Every Nuu Phone Buyer would get 626 Minutes free* on MañanaTalk when they buy the Phone, this is worth a minimum of ₹4000 credit. Making Nuu Mobile the most Valuable Smart Device in the Market.
The Leadership Team of Mañana Innovations Pte Limited Pranab Ghosh – CEO, Somali Ghosh -Co-founder & Director & Chandan Ghosh – Mentor & Founder were delighted to meet a Chairman Mr. Micheal Sit & Group CEZo Mr. Danny Sit. Chandan Ghosh mentioned “We are most thankful to the Director of Nuu Mobile Mr. Sarabjeet Saluja and the Head Marketing Mr. Anand Sukhla who have worked very hard with Team Mañana to make this dream into a Reality. We look forward to the Success of Nuu Phones and hope most customers choose Nuu Devices with Mañana Inside it!”