March 6, 2021

ManageEngine Introduces Mobile App for Help Desk

ServiceDesk Plus Sets IT Help Desk Standard with Siri-like Functionality for Managing Tickets from Start to Finish – All via Voice


·         Reduce help desk response time by executing commands just by speaking

·         Built on Nuance Nina, enabling voice recognition to perform complex actions

·         Implemented based on high demand from ServiceDesk Plus’ 20,000+ customers

ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, has launched the very first speech-driven mobile application for the IT help desk, the ServiceDesk Plus voice-enabled iPhone app. The app sets a new standard for help desk software, incorporating powerful speech recognition technology to let IT professionals manage the entire lifecycle of help desk incidents — from executing commands and dictating notes to assigning or closing out tickets.

Commenting on the new launch, Shailesh Kumar Davey, Vice President – Engineering, ManageEngine said, “At ManageEngine we use latest technologies to offer simple, user friendlily and cost effective products, aimed at changing the way IT is managed. The innovative and easy to use voice enabled Help Desk iPhone application will help the IT professional to be productive on the move.”

Today, the majority of IT help desk technicians are glued to their desktop computers, troubleshooting and emailing end-users. A mobile app frees those help desk techs to handle trouble tickets from anywhere, anytime. But if the app does not offer speech recognition, the techs are forced to use tiny onscreen keyboards and are unable to multi-task. Voice-enabled mobile apps let techs forgo the keyboard and dictate their commands and notes to reduce frustration, improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Setting the New Help Desk Standard

Created in response to high customer demand, the new ServiceDesk Plus iPhone app reflects the latest trends in enterprise software as customer service, call center and now help desk software embrace cutting-edge social and mobile tools to improve efficiency. To that end, the ServiceDesk Plus iPhone app incorporates speech recognition technology from Nuance Communications, Inc. to deliver a complete voice-enabled IT help desk mobile app that offers an interactive, Siri-like user experience. As a result, the ServiceDesk Plus iPhone app executes spoken commands as well as performs voice-to-text data entry. The new voice-enabled features let users:

In addition to the voice features above, the ServiceDesk Plus iPhone app also includes a number of features that can be accessed via the iPhone touchscreen, enabling users to:

Pricing and Availability

The voice-enabled iPhone app for ServiceDesk Plus will be available in the Apple App Store free of charge with ServiceDesk Plus by early March 2013. Support for additional mobile operating systems will be announced in the coming months.