adds Books And Journals Categories to their portfolio

logoNew1Since the launch of reading solutions for the organized sector in 2010 partnering India’s top publishers, has now gone for a category extension with the launch of professional Books & Journals as well.

Sandeep Kumar, Founder and CEO of said, “We want to be pioneers in offering media solutions across all verticals. With that in mind, we have gone ahead and extended our portfolio with professional Books & Journals as the next step, to meet the reading requirements of various Institutions and Professionals. The idea came from our clients, who liked our solution and requested a wider range of reading solutions to be offered, in addition to magazines”. On the long term plan he said, ” Our goal is to engage with and service media product requirements of organizations and individuals alike, simplifying the process of researching available collateral, customizing solutions and then sourcing and managing the fulfillment effectively, whether from Indian or International publishers.

The products extension furthers proposition of value generation for clients by bringing together the rare ability to bring magazines, Journals and Books together. They are also in talks to initiate a user-generated content forum for users keen to showcase their expertise in the field of citizen journalism, photography and more. Following that are some exciting future projects intending to digitalize reading solutions as well. With such innovations, they hope to bring a revolution in the way media services are consumed in the country. itvoice

Even in its formative years, has developed a client base of over 1000 quality Institutional and Corporate entities – many clients requiring specialized and professional reading collateral. A strong supply and value generation chain established in partnership with over with over 100 leading publishing and delivery partners ensures timely and accurate fulfillment on’ part.