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Lysterr Has Officially Launched Its Mobile-First Marketplace On The Apple iOS Platform

Apple_Logo_ITVoice It Voice News- Lysterr has officially launched its  mobile-first marketplace on the Apple iOS platform.  Designed to connect buyers and sellers socially  within seconds, Lysterr aims to decrease the stress of  creating ads and listing items for sale online. The  Lysterr team, comprised of alum from Bloomberg LP  and Salesforce, has developed a proprietary  algorithm that structures and writes ads based on  criteria entered by users. “We deliver something simple that helps anyone with a smartphone to create and post an ad in under 15 seconds,” co-founder Robert Rothman said. Leveraging the steps within their app, Lysterr touts how they make listing as simple as Snap. Tap. Post. Users basically point to snap a picture, tap in a few details and then post an ad. Ads can be sent to your Facebook timeline or through an email template that can be copy & pasted for use on other sites. A fan of the new service was newly quoted as saying, “Lysterr is so simple. In just two minutes, I was able to list several items. So cool how they help you to write the ads,” Jason Chauvin of Hoboken, NJ said. Buyers and sellers can send each other direct chats over the platform to work out the specifics of the deal. Built in is also the ability to find listings nearby so that you can manage locally.

Lysterr is free for both buyers and sellers and can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch running iOS 7 or above. An android version is in the works and will be available soon on GooglePlay.

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