LUXA2 come up with Battery Buyer’s Guide

luxa10-12-13Using portable battery packs is one of those everyday essentials we have come to live with for our portable devices. It is these devices that provide us with our all-important connection to the social media world, mail and other communication needs.

Users are spoilt for choice and each have their own particular requirements to meet their needs such as, aesthetic appearance, charging speeds, capacity and functionality.

LUXA2 have come up with our very own ‘Battery Buyer’s Guide’ which is designed and aimed at educating users on what to look out for when buying portable battery packs, and how factors such as charging speed, battery capacities and various other features are not as plane and simple as they may seem.

At LUXA2, we aim at using the highest quality components in all our portable battery packs, which have been rigorously tested to ensure that they are safe, reliable and certified- with all required certifications accounted for.