Luminous Water Technologies Launches Envy+ – RO Water Purifier, Purity With Poise

downloadWith the exalting standard of living the concept of ‘luxury living’ has creeped in the Indian society and is now looming large in the modern households. The strife of ensuring every edge of the house compliments to one another has been creating quite a challenge. With homes becoming the gage of one’s social standing it becomes vital to ensure every corner transmits elegance and beauty. Needless to mention as good food leads you to one’s heart; beautiful kitchen raises you up in status. Keeping pace with the designer kitchen tablets, Luminous Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd., makers of Livpure, the fastest growing RO Water Purifier unveils ‘Livpure Envy+’, a perfect blend of advanced technologies and style.

Designed with perfection, Livpure Envy+ brings in an ultra-modern look to your kitchen’s décor. Addressing the call of stylish lifestyle in modern households, Livpure Envy+ introduces a new range of models painted with awe- inspiring colours like Dark Maroon, Metallic Grey and Moon Green. The stylish outside & futuristic inside Livpure Envy + maintains the modern look of your kitchen .Priced at Rs. 17,100 (MRP).

Key Features:

— 8 Liters water storage capacity

— 6 stage Advanced Water Purification

— Removes 1.0 Crore Bacteria & Virus in 1 lit of water

— Taste Enhancer

— Converts impure water 2000ppm (TDS) into purified water

— Up to 15lph (Liter per hour) delivery capacity

— Convenient Shutter Tray to fill 1 liter bottle

— India’s largest company-owned RO service network

Launching “Livpure Biocare’, India’s first range of RO water purifier models with a storage capacity of 7 liters at an rate sub Rs.10,000 ,the organisation has already set benchmarks of excellence in the industry. Stepping forward, broadening the prints of innovation Livpure introduces Envy+. Its Pre-Activated carbon filter with high absorption capacity and 6 stage purification process eliminates 1.0 crore of microbes in 1lit of water. It works on UV+UF which convert impure water 2000pm (TDS) into purified water which adds bliss to every sip. Mineral Controller ensures that the water, after purification, is not bereaved of its essential minerals.

Furnish your food zone with the new range of Envy+ models to aggravate its exuberance. The new range of Envy+ products has been especially carved with high end technology and perfect looks to cater to the demands of the modern customers. Keeping pace with age and health interlacing beauty with purity, envy+ stands as the perfect investment for all modern households. It enhances glamour and brings in style to your eatopia. Luminous water purifier uses the best RO and UV filtering technology in combination and hence counts among the best water purifiers in India.



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