Love is in the Air! Google Reveals Most Popular Valentine’s day Searches

Google_ValentinesGoogle’s search trends for India reveal women search more than men when it comes to gifting ideas for Valentine’s day.

According to Google’s search trends in past one month, more searches were made for gift ideas for men than for women. The data also reveals that men begin googling for gift ideas at a later date than women, indicating women take the occasion more seriously.

Flowers, chocolates and cakes dominated the search trends, though watches, perfumes, wallets, tablets, clothes and bags were also searched as possible gift options.

When it comes to searching for things to do on Valentine’s day, Google search trends reveal that movie dates topped the chart followed by romantic candlelight dinners, going out for drinks, staying at home, or spending time with the loved one over special Valentine’s day recipes.

Following the Google search trends, the movie which appears to be the popular choice for lovers, strangely enough is the action flick Gunday, followed by Hasee Toh Phasee, The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle.

Google search trends similarly show that Cosmopolitan remains the most searched cocktail, followed by Margarita, Screwdriver, Martini and Mojito.

The most popular Valentine’s day search terms included “Valentine’s Day Quotes,” “Valentine’s Day Cards,” “Valentine’s Day Poems,” “Valentine’s Day Sms,” “Valentine’s Day Cards” and “Valentine’s Day Songs.”

It is interesting to note that the search term “How to Propose” saw a 100% spike around Valentine’s Day.

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