Lohmod Business Suites’ current focus is on capturing the market in Delhi NCR in the coming 2 years with placing upcoming projects in multiple strategic locations – IT Voice | Online IT Media

Lohmod Business Suites’ current focus is on capturing the market in Delhi NCR in the coming 2 years with placing upcoming projects in multiple strategic locations

IT Voice :-Tell us about your company and how does it work?

Nikhil Lohia:-Lohmod is a flexible/managed workspace provider that focuses primarily on functionality, comfort and curates premium and upscale office spaces that are classic and timeless. Our core idea is to provide highly customisable workspace solutions to suit our client’s requirements. Our solutions are an aesthetic and financial upgrade to your traditional workspaces providing you class apart amenities and ambience along with a cost effective office space. We are a Plug and Play office space provider catering to all kinds of workspace requirements for our clients. Lohmod Business Suites, cyber city, Gurugram is operational now and you can become a member and start working from our centre immediately.

IT Voice :- How is it helping people and businesses?

Nikhil Lohia:-Lohmod provides premium office spaces to its clientele at premiere locations at an effective cost. The spaces encompass all managerial services and facilities. We are a flexible workspace provider in a segment that focuses more on functionality and comfort, Lohmod strives to provide elegant and upscale offices that are classic and timeless instead of trendy. The company offers workspace solutions customized to suit all kinds of requirements of their clients.

IT Voice :-How did this idea come up?

Nikhil Lohia:-This idea stemmed from an understanding that the slowdown that our economy faced due to covid-19 pandemic would bring a shift in corporate real estate. Uncertainty and slowdown will probably lead to (like it has) consumers making risk eliminating decisions and one of which is a shift from investing in traditional office spaces to renting out offices in co working/Managed office spaces. This not only significantly brings down capital expenditure of firms in these trying times, but also provides the much needed management support.

IT Voice :-Tell us about the founders?

Nikhil Lohia:-  I am the founder and CEO at Lohmod business suites. Prior to taking up this role I completed my masters in marketing from Queen Marry, University of london and subsequently, the following year and a half I worked in the hospitality industry where I learned that creating a quality product and providing a great customer experience are key to building trust and customer loyalty in the long run and we follow the same hospitality driven approach at Lohmod. Here I am responsible for running prime facets of the venture, making major corporate decisions and managing the overall operations and resources.

IT Voice :-Tell us about your services and product?

Nikhil Lohia:-We provide premium office spaces to our clientele at the most premium location at an effective cost and our services include all managerial facilities along with space.

IT Voice :-What is the vision and USP of as compared to other players in the same domain?

Nikhil Lohia:-The USP of Lohmod is that we envision establishing ourselves as a core hospitality brand where our team works relentlessly for our spaces to be more of an opulent experience with class apart facilities and services rather than a destination.  No more does being in office mean working out of boring and dull cubicles. Lohmod is creating plug-and-play workspaces that offer an experience of luxury and class  in every aspect of one’s work life and turns it into something that one would look forward to coming to every morning, instead of being a mere destination that one is obligated to reach. Another USP of Lohmod is its magnificent location.

IT Voice :-What are your future plans? 

Nikhil Lohia:-We are facing unprecedented times currently, theres an air of uncertainty in almost every aspect of our lives. Given the situation, recently weve witnessed many co-working and managed office spaces shutting down permanently. Most people find the current scenario challenging but we view this as an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. This is the opportune time to establish a strong brand image and goodwill in the market. And Lohmod is here to do just that. Our current focus is on capturing the market in Delhi NCR in the coming 2 years with placing our upcoming projects in multiple strategic locations across the area. We have plans to expand to other business hotspots across the country such as Mumbai and Bangalore. I foresee Lohmod moving into these cities soon but with a well strategized plan based on market study and a comprehensive analysis on the changing consumer behavior during and after the pandemic. Currently we are focused more on establishing a strong footing in the Delhi NCR region with optimum marketing and well executed expansion portfolio.


IT Voice :-What is the companys client base?

Nikhil Lohia:-Lohmod caters to all sectors and industries as well as businesses of all sizes, ranging from start-ups to the established big corporate houses.